Unplug and Connect is an initiative of the Tri-Cities Early Childhood Development Committee and Tri-Cities Middle Childhood Matters Committee to help parents navigate around the challenges of raising children in a world where screens are prevalent.

Focusing on What Children Need
Children need a nurturing environment in order for them to grow up as individuals that are:

  • socially competent
  • emotionally mature
  • physically healthy
  • contributing members of society

A child’s mind and body develops according to how it is used, and studies clearly show that Canadian children are spending a large part of each day with screen media. Starting with televisions and computers, screen technology has become increasingly more portable with tablets, smartphones, gaming devices and now wearables. 

Screens are now more accessible than ever so it comes as no surprise that children’s screen time continues to increase. At the same time there is a growing body of research that tells us too much ‘screen time’ affects physical and mental health and influences what children do and how they feel. 

Through Unplug and Connect, we hope parents will be better equipped to handle the opportunities and challenges presented in a ‘digital world’.

Thanks to our growing list of Unplug & Connect partners for helping to make Tri-Cities a screen smart community!
Tri-Cities Early Childhood Development Committee
Tri-Cities Middle Childhood Matters Committee
School District 43
City of Port Coquitlam - Children Services
Coquitlam Optimist Club
Port Moody Public Library
Kateslem After School Program
Westcoast Family Centres
More Sports
City of Coquitlam - Parks, Recreation & Culture
SCOPE Live 5-2-1-0